Edward Verberght:

Born in Wilrijk (B) in 1964 and residing in Heide-Kalmthout (B).

Founder and managing director of M.T.T.C. BV

Following a childhood on the inland waterways and after obtaining the Rhine River Patent, Radar Patent and Inland Master’s Licence, Edward Verberght went to sea in 1983 as a ship’s engineer.
In the meantime he completed the Maritime Academy in Antwerp. After passing through all the ranks, he finalised his ten-year high sea career as Chief-Engineer of unlimited horsepower steam and engine.

During his period at sea Edward Verberght became specialized in chemical, oil and gas tankers and refrigerated ships. He obtained all the required additional specialisation certificates.

In 1992 he began as a freelance surveyor, working 12 years for the largest maritime survey bureau in Belgium. He finished his collaboration with this company in 2004.

Since then his services have been broadened and his focus shifted more to advisory and consultancy. The results were several very fine building and conversion projects, yet without losing sight of general survey jobs.

He is the driving force behind M.T.T.C. BV and it is his wish to expand the company further into a leading player in its sector – not only national but also international.

Ilse Demeyer:

Ilse has been a permanent employee since the beginning of our company. After studying science and chemistry, she worked in pharmacies and medical labs until 2019 where she made complicated preparations, mastering tremendous accuracy.

In 1996, she additionally studied accountancy and started actively, half-time, in accounting where her trained accuracy and meticulousness came in handy. Ever since MTTC was founded, she has been doing the bookkeeping and many other essential but often overlooked tasks in our company.

After years behind the scenes acquiring a lot of maritime knowledge that way, half-time, she decided to join MTTC full-time in 2019 and since then, in addition to bookkeeping, she also takes on tasks as a secretarial assistant.

Both as an administrative all-rounder and as Edward's right-hand woman, Ilse is a valuable force within the company.

Veronique Soby:

After completing her studies with high honours in Shipping, Distribution and Transport at the Ghent University College, she worked for eight years as a dispatcher at the port of Antwerp.

At the beginning of 2016, fully ready for new challenges, she joined our team.
Her affinity for the shipping world was of value to us from day one.

With her fantastic knowledge of languages and enthusiasm, she has by now become a valuable link within M.T.T.C.