Since 1992 our staff participated in more than 100 salvages worldwide from different angles and with different tasks such as:

  • Hull surveyor
  • Cargo surveyor (mostly with regard to cause and origin)
  • Owner’s adviser
  • Salvage master
  • Salvage consultant
  • Angle of blow determination

Salvage at locations where the usual salvage material is not available or cannot arrive, is one of our specialities.

Collisions and incidents:

Our knowledge regarding collision damages and incidents is similar to that of salvages. In this area we assist our principals regularly with regard to:

  • Hull damages
  • Water damages.
  • Running aground
  • Investigation of speed and of the angle of collision
  • Steering gear deficiencies
  • Propulsion deficiencies, complete propulsion installation
  • Unsafe berth
  • Surveys of large damage
  • Mediation/arbitration in case of discussions between parties.

Using our extensive experience, we carry out a meticulous investigation into the cause and circumstances of a collision in order to achieve an analysis which is as accurate as possible.

In view of the long time experience of our employees in the area of high sea shipping, dredgers, inland barges and offshore installations, their immense understanding is an indisputable asset during these investigations.